Jul 18

The Future of Franchising

There’s little doubt the web, like the launch of other technologies that are new in the future, has and increases our efficiencies. All of us recognise how, recently, we appear in order to’ do’ and this can be mainly possible because technology can make procedures that are iterative automatic. Technology is how you can help us make do with this more rapid rate of business life which is not likely to slow down.

Franchises, thus, will be required inquire how technological developments can help their franchisees and to proceed with the times. For example: at Card Connection several years ago we introduced internet ordering for franchisees to purchase stock, and lately we brought in a hand-held electronic terminal which revolutionised our instore paperwork.

One may have the ability to pick the desired image, choose the text, and print it then and all there. We look for hazards, as both can be brought by any kind of developments, but more significantly we look for chances. Other franchisors must do exactly the same.

Business models will shift and franchisors should be up to speed with these alterations also. Although some will Franchises using the internettransform, some businesses could possibly vanish. For example: recently in the greeting card business, consumers have found the launch of web purchasing for personalised greeting cards. Nevertheless, it’s an example of a small and new shift in purchasing patterns that’s due to of the technology available these days to empower low cost printing that is personalised.

Jul 08

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